What is Back in Body, and why does it matter?

What is Back in Body, and why does it matter?

Martha DeSante, Back in Body, Blog Post

My name is Martha DeSante. My life purpose is to help people reconnect with their bodies and learn to inhabit them with love and joy. I help people heal from the wounds of denying themselves priority, pleasure and play. I love to assist people as they reclaim their power as the CEO of their health and wellness using the tools of the awesome chiropractic adjustment, muscle work (hands-on, Graston/Gua Sha), nutritional support, personally prescribed yoga, Pilates, and postural exercises, breath and awareness. What better way to honor the body than learning how to provide self care, and being open to experiencing healing with skillful, loving bodywork?

I created Back In Body as a wake-up call to help us remember that our bodies are sacred gifts.  Our mission is to support those who hear this call and know that the radical path of self-love is for them.  From a place of self-love and acceptance, we can experience a true sense of love and connection with others.

Back In Body and its mission are vitally important.  I have recognized a desperately sad and pervasive belief that our bodies are not good enough, not something to be celebrated, treasured and enjoyed.  Too often, bodies are seen as objects… and we can even begin to distance ourselves from living life in our bodies in the first person.  We stop living life for our own experience and worry more about others experience of our own physicality.  We begin to see our body as an object for the approval or consumption of others.  We punish it, berate it, deny it.  We compare it and take all of the wonderful things that it can do for granted.  We subject our bodies to abuse and neglect through our own choices.

We identify with our minds and distance ourselves from this beautiful living animal that we are.  Once this perceived split occurs, the mind often begins to take on a position of more prominent influence.  Slowly but surely, any connection with or compassion for the spirit and particularly for the body begins to disappear.  The forgetting of the sacred nature of the body begins and the messages that come from the body’s innate wisdom are no longer heeded.

The mind can be a great servant, but a terrible master.   Unfortunately, many times the roles become reversed and the mind acts as master and subjugates the body.  If not properly trained, the mind can be a truly brutal and punishing master, causing a person to treat the body poorly, through the avenues of both abuse and neglect.  The mind has tremendous potential to be either our worst and most destructive enemy or our most beautifully powerful ally… the outcome all depends on how we train it!

Learning to rebuild a loving and caring relationship with my own body is a big part of my personal path to healing and wholeness.  Utilizing an approach of learning to love the self through the physical body has had profound effects for me, and many others.  This process is simple, but simple rarely equates with easy.  Maintaining a positive relationship with yourself, all body-mind-spirit of you, isn’t a one time thing… or a “well, I’m glad I finally achieved that so I can be done with it now” kind of thing.  It’s also not going to be all sunshine and farts!  It’s the same as with any relationship that you want to keep alive and healthy.  Ongoing attention and intention must be developed in this relationship… regular communication and authentic, meaningful connection must occur moving forward from this day, when you choose to begin this journey of love to the end of your time in this glorious physical form.

If the pain and trauma you are carrying and your own personal story of life experiences feels overwhelmingly heavy, take heart!  Just as this harmful attitude and approach to the physical body can be developed, it can also be undone!  My own personal way to healing is through learning to live in, love, celebrate and cherish my body and to forgive my mind, transforming her into my closest ally and best friend.  Through learning to respect my whole self, I began to feel reconnected with my spirit again!  I am happy to share what I have learned through this process with you.

This work doesn’t have to be done in large and insurmountable steps.  More often it is the budding awareness that allows us to find new and simple ways to be kinder and softer with our selves.  To love ourselves more.  To learn to revel in the joy of being in and BEING a human body!

I can’t promise that it will always be easy, but it will transform your life in ways that at first may seem hard to imagine.  Greater love and acceptance of self and others, less stress and anxiety and greater enjoyment of sensory experiences can all grow from developing a caring and respectful relationship with the body.

I invite you to explore my new website, check out my current service offerings and to please “like” the Back in Body Facebook page and/or sign up for the e-newsletter if this mission feels aligned with your values.  Liking the Facebook page and signing up for the e-newsletter will allow you to find out about new workshops, products and services as they become available, as well as free inspirational videos and blog posts about exquisite self care.  Future topics will include themes about posture and movement, nourishing food choices, developing the mind as an ally, breath and meditation, and restorative and health promoting practices.  Thank you for taking the time to read this!  Please share this and any other blog posts with your friends and family through social media if you feel like they would appreciate the Back in Body message.

<3 Martha

Martha DeSante DC, CYT


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