Spring 2014 workshops

Spring 2014 workshops

The following workshops are being offered by me, Martha DeSante, Doctor of Chiropractic and Kripalu Certified Yoga Teacher at the Spark Wellness Yoga Studio during the Spring 2014 season

Wednesday, January 15th 7:30-9pm
BREATH OF FRESH AIR – practical application of the anatomy and physiology of breathing

I know, I know, you are breathing right now.  What more is there to learn about breathing?  Lots!  Come learn about how the way you breathe can make a big impact on your health and quality of life!  Refine your understanding of how you breathe and the interrelationship of breath with posture, energy, injury prevention and stress levels.  Learn some new techniques that you can practice any place or time to enhance your vitality and pump up your AWESOME!! Come ready to explore new ways of relating to your breath and body.

*perfect for those new to intentional breathing or for those looking to refine their understanding of breathing with the whole body.

Wednesday, February 12th 7:30-9pm

Are you an office warrior?  Do long hours spent working at a desk have you feeling old, stiff and funky?  Learn ways to prevent and reverse the many poor postural habits that desk work promotes including baby t-rex (Mr. Burns) posture, neck, shoulder, hip and back pain, core deconditioning, poor quality breathing and low energy.  This workshop will include simple step-by-step skills to improve your working posture, tips to set boundaries and take breaks, stretches and movements that can easily be done in an office setting as well as ways to turn back on muscles that can begin to “shut off” after too much sitting.  Come ready to experiment with postural exercises designed to undo that nasty sitting posture.

Wednesday, February 26th 7:30-9pm
– Anatomy, Movement and Self-care

In this workshop you will learn step-by-step skills to lovingly care for your body and prevent injuries from the ground up.  Focusing on our physical and energetic connection to “grounded-ness”, we will explore the anatomy and movement of the feet and ankles, as well as stretches, exercises and self-care rituals to connect with this hard working part of our bodies.  Learn helpful tips and tricks to keep the feet youthful and prevent/improve conditions such as bunions and plantar fasciitis. Come with clean socks/feet as we will be spending time doing some self massage as well J

Wednesday, March 5th 7:30-9pm
– re-framing our relationship with food

In this workshop we will talk about the impact of eating habits and food choices on blood sugar and how that can dramatically impact our overall health.  From shakiness and headaches to diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease, blood sugar instability can hurt us and damage our bodies, our relationships with others and our lives.  The amazing news is that blood sugar stability is a factor that we can control!  Different concepts regarding food will be presented and ways to eat to balance blood sugar, reduce inflammation and manage stress will be introduced.  Learn to balance your blood sugar and never be *hangry again!

*hungry + angry = hangry

Wednesday, March 26th 7:30-9pm
– the essentials for a healthy, happy back!

Whether you currently live with back pain or want to learn how to prevent it, this workshop is for you.  Come learn about the essential components of back health.  Some of the topics to be discussed will include specific movements of the spine, developing postural support muscles, how sitting impacts the back, what lifestyle choices can help or hurt your back and what modalities are available to help prevent and relieve back pain. Come ready to experiment with postural exercises to see what works for you to develop a home based self-care practice.

If you are interested in reserving your spot now for any of these workshops (which I recommend since space is limited), please call or text me (612.321.6913), FB message me, email me (marthadesantedc@gmail.com) or visit the Spark Wellness website.

Take Care,


Martha DeSante DC, CYT

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