Riding the Wave

I give my best every day.  I consistently perform at the top level of my abilities at all times.  How is that possible, you ask?  Some days I feel like I can do anything and everything… I am a dreamer, a creator… I feel my own power and express myself freely.  I do ALL THE THINGS!  Other days, if I have showered, dried my hair and am wearing pants with a waistband before noon that feels like a major win.  Can you relate?  If so, congratulations on being a human.

As much as our cult of productivity would like us to believe that we ought to have the same work capacity as robots, we are not in fact machines.  To expect standardized levels of energy in the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realms is not realistic and works in opposition to honoring our natural cycles and rhythms that correspond with the seasons of the year and the seasons of our lives.

Acknowledging my humanness, I still give my best every day.  I consistently perform at the top level of my abilities at all times.  The key to not running ourselves ragged or beating ourselves up over any items left unchecked on our “to do list” at the end of the day is to have an honest check in with where we are each day and gauge what our “best” might look like on that given day.  If we are depleted, we need to make time to refill the well within ourselves.  Continuing to push when we don’t have anything left in the tank wins no medals or gold stars and only causes deep fatigue, depression and burnout.  I know this because I am a chronic doer of this.

I am learning to work against this tendency to push forward, assuming that I should always be able to handle everything every day and am learning how to more honestly check in with myself and determine what my “best” realistically is for that day without depleting myself.  I hope you find the following exercise helpful.  I know it has been really useful in learning how to be more honest with myself about where I really am on any given day – and then structuring my day to fit where I’m at to the best of my ability.  It is also useful if done over time to identify any patterns that may emerge.


Judy Tills of Peaceful Transitions recommends each morning before getting out of bed taking a few deep breaths to get centered and honestly answering the following questions and recording them in a journal…

On a scale of 0-10 with 0 being none at all and 10 being the largest amount you can imagine…

How much energy do you have (physical)?
How much happiness and joy do you feel right now (emotional)?
How would you grade your level of self talk – with more positivity at the higher end of the number scale (mental)?
How would you grade your level of feeling connected to something larger than/outside of yourself (spiritual)?
She also recommends noting any pain you feel and assigning a number value to that as well (0 being no pain and 10 being the worst)


This daily check in practice can help you and I begin to be more honest with ourselves and to learn how to take better care of ourselves.  Some days call for naps and long walks.  Other days, working on inspiring projects might feel joyful.  And some days call for celebrating being showered and in pants with a waistband before noon 😉


Peace, love and naps,


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