When life starts feeling hard…

When life starts feeling hard…

The past year has held many ups and downs in my personal life – as I’m sure many of you have experienced too.  I recently had a moment of clarity regarding what has worked very well for me during times of challenge.  It was exactly what I needed to hear at the time and it graciously came flowing out of my pen this morning.  I love a good free writing practice!  I am sharing this because when I practice viewing my life through this lens, it can keep me from sinking into a dark downward spiral and it may be helpful for someone else too. winter-320940_1280

When life feels hard and crushing (because in this human life, if we are honest, we can all feel that way sometimes) – practice noticing bits of joy and beauty – sparkles of love and connection.

Embrace those moments, no matter how small they seem.  This will help you ride the waves of hardship and keep you connection to the light alive.  Gather all of the goodness that is present in your life.  Don’t let it slip by you unnoticed.


It is there – in a kind smile from a stranger – the loving brush of your hand over your own face in the morning – catching your favorite scent in the air – snuggling under a blanket with a warm cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate – listening and feeling listened to – holding someones hand.

Practice noticing these moments, even in the midst of hard and sad.  Do not be discouraged.  Everything gets easier with practice.

I wish you many moments of love, connection and joy this holiday season!



  1. What a lovely and heart-warming thought! Yes, this is definitely the way to help through hard times. Every tiny piece of joy builds until it overtakes the scary stuff. I love it! <3

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