Breathing Easy in 2016!

Breathing Easy in 2016!

The new year is upon us and I have some exciting news to share!  If learning to breathe more fully or developing a mindful breathing practice are on your list of goals for 2016, you will want to explore this post thoroughly.

My program, Breathe Easy: mindful breathing made simple, is now available in workshop, private session, ebook, audiobook and softcover form!  Check out the ebook and audiobook here and the softcover here.  There is more information about workshops and private session packages below, too!


Breathe Easy 15 minutes for 15 days –   #BE15for15

#BE15for15 is a free, fun, social media challenge.  The goal is to commit to practicing mindful breathing for at least 15 minutes for 15 days in a row.  This can be done on your own by setting a timer (or using an app like Mindfulness Bell or the Universal Breathing Room on for 15 minutes and drawing your attention to your breathing.  If you would like more guidance and support, I have created a 15 minute guided mindful breathing practice audio track that can be purchased with the Breathe Easy audiobook on Amazon/Audible and iTunes that walks you through your practice.  Using the guided practice, all you have to do is claim your dedicated 15 minutes out of your day and press play.  I also highly recommend keeping a journal about your mindful breathing experience and any interesting things that you notice during this process.  This round of #BE15for15 will begin on January 15th and I will be using social media to help you stay engaged with the challenge.  I will be creating a Facebook group that will be active while the challenge is running.  I plan to run this challenge monthly in an ongoing fashion.  Please consider adopting this simple and powerful habit for 15 days in January – and invite your friends and family to play along, too!


Breathe Easy Private Instruction Package!

The Breathe Easy Private Instruction Package includes (10) 60 minute sessions with Martha (in person at my office or via Skype), a softcover copy of Breathe Easy: mindful breathing made simple, a CD with a guided daily Breathe Easy practice and a bonus guided relaxation track, as well as a list of other great breathing related resources you can use to deepen your understanding and practice.  In these personalized sessions, you can address your questions and concerns while working toward your goals with ongoing support, encouragement, and tips from someone who has been there and understands the obstacles to – and joys of – developing a regular mindful breathing practice.  This is a great option for people seeking to make a deeper level of commitment to their breathing practice and to be held accountable for their own practice between scheduled sessions.  If you are interested in purchasing this private instruction package, please call me at 612.321.6913 or email me at to continue the conversation.  The price of this package is $1000.00.  All 10 sessions must be used within 12 months of purchase.

If you are not sure if you are ready to commit to (10) 60 minute sessions, you can schedule individual sessions here to explore your breath with one-0n-one support.


Breathe Easy Workshops!

I have had great fun offering Breathe Easy workshops at various locations and have a few more dates that are now available!  I will be hosting Breathe Easy at the Salt Cave in Minneapolis on Saturday, February 20th and March 12th from 9:50am-10:50am.  For more information about these workshops or to purchase tickets, please read more by following the links in the text.



Breathe Easy Facilitator Training and Certification – in development!

I am in the process of putting together a Breathe Easy: mindful breathing made simple Facilitator Training and Certification program to help spread the important work of breath education in a systematic and standardized way.  I want to ensure that this work is shared with competency, confidence and compassion.  If this sounds like something you may be interested in, stay tuned for future correspondence as this program develops.

Happy Breathing!  I wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016!


Martha DeSante DC, CYT

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