You are well on your way to enjoying the benefits of a regular breathing practice!  To help you in this journey, here are two beautiful gifts to accompany your Breathe Easy: mindful breathing made simple e-book.


Here is a mini version of the printable Breath Check-in Basics printable for you.

Please download the pdf by clicking on the image or the link below.  Print off as many copies as you like.  You may want to frame and hang this in your office or home in any room where you would like a beautiful reminder to connect with your breath.  Feel free to share this printable with friends and family.  Give the gift of better breathing and let the people you care about know about the resources available to them here at Back In Body!


Breath Check-in Basics Art 2015


Click Back In Body Breath Check-in Basics to get the downloadable pdf of this awesome printable now!


Here is the printable Breathe Easy companion journal for you.

Please print out and assemble this journal however you like and use it to record your thoughts and feelings about your adventure in breathing!  One suggestion for easy assembly is to get a three ring binder with a clear front
pocket.  Print out the pdf and slide the cover in the front pocket, then three hole punch the inner pages and put them into the binder.  You can use this journal as you follow along with the Journal Opportunity prompts in the e-book.  There is intentional open space left for you to write, draw or create based on your experience.

Breathe Easy Journal BinderBreathe Easy Companion Journal

Click Breathe Easy Companion Journal to get the downloadable pdf of this inspiring journal now!

In the future when you revisit the e-book, re-print the inner pages and record your experiences with your breath practice again at that time.  If you do this, you will easily be able to see your understanding of your breath (and your relationship with your self) grow and change.

Another great source for you to check out is the Back In Body website where there are other wonderful resources are available for you.  A few highlights on the website include interesting blog posts and free postural exercise videos (available under the Blog and Video Tutorials menu tabs).

Thanks again for your interest in better breathing and Back In Body.  Take care and have fun!