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I recently saw Dr. DeSante after a fall I had. I had neck and jaw pain as well as some other generalized soreness. I wasn’t sure if a chiropractor could help with the jaw issue or soreness, but I hoped that the neck pain could be addressed. She was very gentle with my recent injured areas, but she worked on all the areas that were uncomfortable… including my jaw. The next day I woke up with no pain. My neck was hard to move the day I saw her, and the next day it was back to normal! From my experience, I felt like I was in very competent and caring hands. I obviously would highly recommend her to anyone considering trying a chiropractor or changing chiropractors.
-Robin H. of Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Martha DeSante is amazing. I’ve had major chronic back issues for the past 4 years after an injury at age 22, and have tried nearly everything – Physical therapy, MRIs, acupuncture, healing massages, other chiropractors… and nobody’s been able to definitively tell me what’s going on.

Martha’s comprehensive analysis has helped me SO much – it’s not just her adjustments, but also stretches, whole-body considerations, and analysis of muscle-firing patterns.  I’m even re-learning to use my muscles in new ways that don’t perpetuate my injuries.  She is a good listener, very invested in her work, and her holistic perspective is unique.

-Rebecca H. of Jamaica Plain, MA

Dr. Martha DeSante was incredibly helpful. She listened to my concern, needs and goals and led me through the best options available to me. She understood that each person, each body, each soul is different and unique. Rather than approaching me as if I were a textbook ‘problem’, she worked with me personally taking into account my personal strengths and the areas where I am seeking progress. She was able to guide me in my pursuit of total health. It is nice to know that I have access to such a knowledgeable and caring professional.

-Josh B. of Fairfax Station, VA

After attending Dr. Martha DeSante’s BREATHE EASY seminar, I feel that I have a much greater understanding of the breathing process. I learned the benefits of good breathing and how to accomplish it. The information was presented in easy to understand laymen’s language. Many visual aides were used which greatly enhanced the learning process. Opportunities were offered to practice the methods that were discussed, and all of this was presented in Martha’s professional, warm, inviting and gentle manner. I have studied breathing in other venues, and this seminar far exceeded anything I have attended in the past. I loved the seminar!

-Penny A. of Erie, PA

Dr. Martha DeSante is an amazing chiropractor.  She patiently listened to my concerns and fears and was completely willing to work within my comfort zone.  Her patience and knowledge helped me to relax and allow her to make the necessary adjustments.  My back pain was gone the next day and I have not had any since.  I highly recommend Dr. DeSante.

-Kris A. of Minneapolis, MN

I tried chiropractic care with Martha because my daughter-in-law recommended it. I was having back pain/side pain and it was pretty intense, so I needed to get in right away. I booked an appointment with Martha, the chiropractor. She was WONDERFUL! She took more than the billed hour to evaluate my entire alignment and asked a lot of questions, did a lot of diagnostic tests with movement and joints, and then did some adjustment.  When she couldn’t get the adjustment to work on my neck due to how tight it was, she massaged my neck with coconut oil for about 10 minutes to loosen it up. She later sent me a treatment plan that included not only what we had talked about, but general wellness ideas in the areas of “eat, move, think, care”, a very holistic approach. I was very pleased with the services, the care, and the overall environment.

-Fran L. of Minneapolis, MN

Martha was amazing at my first chiropractic visit.  I felt really listened to and understood.  I could tell that she really cared about my health and even took time to discuss other health related issues I was experiencing.  She earned my trust with her thorough assessment, willingness to adjust to my comfort level, and knowledge about all areas of healthy living.  I would highly recommend Martha for anyone looking for comprehensive chiropractic care and support in healthy living.

-Carla M. of Minneapolis, MN

I chose to go to Martha when I was 8 1/2 months pregnant because I kept having low back and pelvic discomfort.  She was thorough, patient, cautious and thorough.  I have had other chiropractors for years and they have been very good – I am a very selective, informed consumer of wellness and health care services.  Martha takes it to another level!  After my visit, my primary complaints were significantly improved, plus my sinuses drained.  She is gifted.

-S.C. of Minneapolis, MN

P1017121I was referred to Dr. Martha DeSante by a friend who knew that she specialized in pediatric chiropractic care (who is also a chiropractor himself). My 8-week old daughter had been fussy for some time and seemed to have some digestive issues as well, so, after trying several medications and nothing really working (both prescription and homeopathic), we decided to visit Martha. Martha was wonderful with my daughter–calm and very gentle. She definitely has a way with children. She explained everything she was doing in detail to me so that I felt comfortable. Martha also went out of her way to provide me with options in addition to the chiropractic care that I could do to help my daughter (dietary changes, etc.). My daughter’s adjustments have definitely helped decrease her fussiness, for which I am very grateful! I have really enjoyed our appointments and would recommend anyone with children to see Dr. Martha DeSante!

-Kaia S. of St. Paul, MN

Dr. Martha DeSante is a wonderful chiropractor!  During our first session she took the time to ask questions and find out about me and my lifestyle.  At no point did I feel rushed, unheard, or unsupported.

When it was time for the adjustment, Martha explained to me what she would do, how it would feel, and what alternative options I had if I felt uncomfortable.  She was instrumental in resolving a chronic pain in my back and hip.  I will definitely be visiting Dr. DeSante again!

-Megan M. of Minneapolis, MN

I highly recommend Martha Tarbell DeSante for your Chiropractic needs! She is thorough, conscientious, listens to any issues you may be experiencing,  and an excellent chiropractor.

-Beverly G. of Minneapolis, MN

Dr. Martha Desante is an amazing person.  I had tried other treatments to make my low back pain go away, but her approach was the only one that worked!  After suffering for months in pain, she was the one that helped the pain go away.  Best yet, it has not come back!  She also is wonderful with children.  She has treated my 1 year old daughter, and taught me the importance of having children get adjusted.  Dr. Martha has a way with children and somehow got my very busy little girl to cooperate.  I strongly recommend going to see Dr. Martha.  She is a genuinely kind person, and you can tell she has a very caring heart.

-Chad K. of Minnetonka, MN

Dr. Martha DeSante is a talented and  truly caring health care provider. I had some nagging low back pain that only occurred while running. She took the time to find the problem and treat the source of the pain. She has gentle, yet effective treatment techniques for the whole family. I would recommend her to anyone considering chiropractic care.

-Lindsay A. of Minneapolis, MN

Martha is a great [yoga/Pilates] instructor!  She always comes with a smile and encouragement, varies the workout each time and pays specific attention to what students are needing/ interested in.

-Kari L. of Bergamo, Italy

Martha re-defined chiropractic care for me as something that is a key element of my overall well-being, rather than just something that remedies any one particular pain or ailment.  She was in tune with what my body needed toward the end of my pregnancy, and has helped me re-adjust as my body recovers from childbirth. I always leave my visits with her feeling rejuvenated, more in tune with my body, and both mentally and physically lighter.

-Dina C. of Minneapolis, MN

Martha is wonderful.  I’ve gone to other chiropractors, but the initial visit with Martha was so much more in-depth than I’ve experienced in the past.  She really listens, makes you feel so comfortable, and is very thorough in coming up with a treatment plan.  The adjustments and muscle work were exactly what I needed.

-Kathy C. of Minneapolis, MN

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