The services I offer provide a loving and nurturing way to care for your self by caring for your physical body.  Exquisite self-care is a way to strongly connect your intention of self-love to your body in a tangible way that you can feel and enjoy.  This dedicated practice of self-care can help support a body positive, radical self love approach to life by sending the message that you believe you are worth nurturing and caring for.  Click on the specific services that you are interested in (shown in the circles below) for more information.  If you do not live in Minnesota and are interested in self-care suggestions or other ways to pamper and care for your physical form, please peruse the blog postings and video tutorials for ideas and inspiration!

Martha Desante, BAck in Body, Chiropractic and Muscle Work
             Martha Desante, Back in Body, Meditation and Breath Work               Martha Desante, Back in Body, Yoga and Pilates