Video Tutorials

Enjoy these free mindfulness and postural exercise videos!  As always, use caution when performing any new physical activity.  If something doesn’t feel right, please stop practicing that particular motion until you can get clarification on what changes you can make to your alignment to safely continue.  Not every activity or motion is a good fit for every person all the time, so be sure to follow up if you are receiving warning signs from your body (pain, anxiety, etc.).  Sometimes something as small as a simple modification can shift an exercise from being inappropriate for an individual to being safe and effective, so be sure to consult a knowledgeable practitioner if you have questions.

These videos are designed to enhance your relationship with your own body.  By better knowing your own body and taking care of it, this will enhance your relationship with your health care providers as well, as you step into your role as a decision maker regarding your own well-being.  That being said, these videos are not to take the place of that relationship.  If you have a particular health concern, please seek treatment from a qualified health care provider!  Be safe and have fun out there, kids!

Mindfulness Moment

Neck and Shoulders

Mid-Back, Chest, Sides and Ribcage

Hips, Hamstrings and Low Back

Whole Body Movements

Alignment Tips and Tricks 😉