10346519234_af2817cc8e_o-3Yoga and Pilates


Yoga can take many forms and is definitely a very versatile discipline.  Whether you are looking for a way to physically balance your body, the ability to get off the hectic mental treadmill, or a greater sense of connection to the Divine, yoga has many gifts to offer you.  Classes that I teach range from luxurious and restful restorative classes to challenging creatively sequenced vinyasa flows.  Regardless of what style I am teaching, there is always an emphasis on safe alignment and individualized modification as well as breathing and awareness exercises.  I make it a priority to end every class with a nourishing relaxation so that you can draw in all of the benefits of your practice.

Yoga is truly for every body.  Where you are now is always the best starting place for where you want to go.  The challenge often lies in finding the style and teacher that best suit you.

I am currently taking a break from teaching scheduled weekly group classes.  This opportunity may open up again in the future.  I am available for personal training yoga instruction, yoga parties, corporate stress reduction/wellness training, breathing and meditation instruction.


Pilates is an excellent discipline for bringing balance to the body.  Pilates, like yoga, can be custom tailored to each individual.  This is one of the reasons why it has so many wide applications, from rehabilitating injuries to training elite level athletes, providing strength and confidence to new moms after the birth of their baby to helping seniors to stay active in a fun and mentally stimulating way.  In all Pilates sessions I teach, the focus is on safe alignment and individualized modification as well as breathing and awareness exercises.

I am currently available for personal Pilates instruction and Pilates parties at “in home” settings.

I offer a combination of yoga/Pilates/postural exercises to suit your particular postural presentation and goals or concerns as well.  For these services, the initial visit lasts 60 minutes and costs $100.00.  If you are already an existing chiropractic patient, you may book a 30 minute appointment for your initial visit as there would be some overlap from your chiropractic initial visit.  Subsequent visits may be booked at 15 minutes for $40, 30 minutes for $60, 45 minutes for $80 and 60 minutes for $100.  If a proposed location is a large enough time and travel commitment there may be an additional fee for travel expense/time.  You can book a Personally Prescribed Postural Exercise session with me by clicking the “Book Now” button at the bottom of any of these pages.

If you are interested in learning more about these offerings, or scheduling an appointment to develop your own customized postural exercise, yoga and/or Pilates practice with Dr. Martha, please please contact me via email me by using the form below or call me at 612.321.6913 so we can begin working together to develop a program that is a perfect fit for you!  I am currently taking a break from teaching all group yoga and Pilates classes.  In the future, you may again find me teaching group classes at New Movement Pilates.